Blurry For WordPress – Blurred Images/Bg’s/Slider (Sliders)

By Acty, September 23, 2013

Blurry is a WordPress plugin that sets blurred backgrounds from images on your page. You can use this to load a blurred background on page load. Have blurred images that on hover fades away displaying the original non blurred image. Popout images that display the images as a blurred background for any element when clicked. And finally a roundabout image slider that displays the infocus image as a blurred background image for the page body.

That is like 4 plugins in 1 that are all about blurring images.


  • Create a roundabout slider that converts the in focus image into a blurred background for the page body.
  • Create Popout Images that when selected changes an elements(body in demo) background into a blurred version of the selected image.
  • Create blurred hover images when mouseover reveal the original non blurred image.
  • Autoload a blurred image as an elements background on page load.

Note: This plugin uses canvas to blur each image then convert to another image for background purposes so it is very demanding on the browser and server. Please make sure you have adequate server resources to handle high volume of html5 canvas manipulation.

It is important to make sure all images used by Blurry are web optimized and small in file size. This will insure that the browser scripts do not hang too long on page load. Even with the best optimization if you are loading many images the browser will hang during the loading process.