Bootstrap Shopping Cart Pack (Shopping Carts)

By Acty, September 19, 2013

Ready-to-use Bootstrap Shopping Cart Pack for your php website!

It’s a perfect solution for medium and small shops, perfect to convert your website to a Shop
You can use it in any website in a quick, easy & flexible way.

I wanted to simplify the buying process for customers. Following this concept of simplicity and customer behaviors, I made a shopping cart that does not require registration. For the customer its quick and easy.
All the customer data such as email, address, name, … will be sent directly from Paypal in order to proceed with the process of the payment.

The pack includes 4 different Shopping carts + Basic Php tutorial for using the Shopping Cart Class

+ Top shopping cart
+ Right shopping cart
+ Bottom shopping cart
+ Left shopping cart

Main features:

+ PHP OOP (no OOP knowledge required)
+ Easy to use and setup
+ Content manager for products
+ Once paid, paypal sends a mail with the details of the buyer.
+ Paypal payment (with ipn)
+ Prices offer
+ Shipping price (Fixed price or no price for shipping)
+ Billing, copy business (detailed) and constumer
+ Unlimited products & categories
+ Easy customization ( Twitter bootstrap compatible with IE 8)
+ Responsive design, Bootstrap framework
+ Can be easily embedded into a PHP page
+ Compatible with Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, & Safari (recommended with css3)
+ Includes part of my Paypal Payment Pack ($14)
+ Configuration of the currency

Live demo

You can view a demo installation: Live Demo
Admin: Admin Live Demo
User: admin
Pass: admin

Server Requirements

PHP 5.3+
MySql 5.0+


Bootstrap 2.3.1 compatible with IE 7
Eden PHP library
Admin with PHPmaker 10 builder (includes project)