Bottle – WordPress Files Pocket (Utilities)

By Acty, September 22, 2013

Description :

Bottle provide a new way to handle your files by putting them in a box which in turn saved in a local pocket .each box of files has many options ,statistics panel and lists .the local pocket can contain mega number of boxes .bottle handle email subscriptions and front download page advertisements to get some cash and mega tools and options extended to all plugin internal processes.

Main Features :

Explore some of bottle built in features .

  • Bottle has modern UI and visualize most of its data .
  • Enhanced With JQuery
  • current year downloads statistics for both (visitors ,users ,subscribers) ,subscriptions statistics , local pocket size and size of each part inside .
  • add ,edit ,trash ,sort , filter and search files boxes.
  • upload multiple files through browser or ftp client .
  • Each files box has download limit
  • track total downloads of each files box .
  • 5 privileges option to choose between ( visitors ,users ,subscribers ,users & subscribers and hidden ).
  • Each files box has time limit option to make files available for download through period and then disabled .
  • Each files box has option to show advertisements or files sharing bar .
  • auto compress all files exist in each box for fast download mode .
  • create backups of each files box saved in your local pocket.
  • Each files box has lists page to customize access privileges
  • Each files box has statistics panel to track downloads of (Visitors ,users and subscribers) ,track allowed and denied connections and track denied and allowed lists .
  • Downloads processed through front download page ,not direct links .
  • Local pocket extremely secured .
  • No one can know the real names of files in your pocket .
  • add ,edit ,trash ,sort , filter and search subscriptions .
  • Each subscription can be enabled or disabled .
  • Each subscriptions has download limit
  • add ,edit ,trash ,sort , filter and search advertisements to be shown in front download page .
  • Bottle can verify email and also notify subscriber .
  • track total times each advertisement shown .
  • Each advertisement has cycle Limit ( number of times this advertisement will be shown before deactivated) .
  • Child theme with inline documentation to create your theme .
  • One built in front download page theme with 58 custom backgrounds
  • You can set minimum role for each plugin pages and each action
  • Maintenance job option to stop all downloads and show custom message .
  • Email subscriptions and email notifications has custom email message templates
  • Two layers to protect bandwidth (hotlinking protection and dynamic download links) .
  • Email verification message and auto verify option .
  • Cron jobs to delete pending emails
  • Bottle can also integrated with another subscriptions plugin .
  • TinyMCE Button to select between files boxes .
  • Downloads tracker for each user.
  • Support translation .
  • Automatic updates notifier .
  • Well documented .
  • Full and Clean Code

Files Included :

Translations :

Help translating the plugin or add your language in the next update!
If You interested in Translating Bottle. You Can join translators on poeditor. Thanks so much ..!

Changelog :

no updates uptill now and bottle will inform you if new version released

Support :

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of Bottle help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form or visit clivern.com .Thanks so much!