Customer Credit Limit (Magento Extensions)

By Acty, September 30, 2013

«Customer Credit Limit»

Do you offer a “Payable upon receipt” payment method to your customers? Do you want to limit the credit amount each customer can accumulate? Then this extension is for you!

Protect your store from fraudulent customers

With this extension you can set a credit limit for each customer. You can select which payment methods will be blocked for a customer once his total unpaid invoices exceed a certain limit. When this credit limit is reached for a particular customer, he won’t be able to use the specified payment methods anymore, protecting you from a large loss should that customer turn out to be a non-payer.

Usage Example

Let’s consider the following example: You offer your customers the “Invoice” payment method, payable upon receipt. Of course you set up a maximum invoice amount per order, let’s say $500. However, a fradulent customer could abuse your trust and just place multiple orders, each with the maximum invoice amount of $500. If this customer doesn’t pay his invoices, you’re quickly out of $1000 or even more.

With this extension, you can set a credit limit per customer. Using our previous example, if you set your store’s credit limit to $500, if a customer places two orders with your store, and the invoice amount of those two orders exceeds $500, he won’t be able to place another order using the “Invoice” payment method until he has payed at least one of his open invoices, and reduced his credit to less than $500.

Installation & Configuration

The installation of this extension takes no more than a few minutes. All you have to do is copy the provided files from into your Magento installation’s root directory. Detailed instructions as well as a troubleshooting guide are included as well. Also check out our introduction video for a detailed walkthrough of the installation:

YouTube Video

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