Drag & Drop Notification Builder for WordPress (Interface Elements)

By Acty, September 19, 2013

Drag & Drop, Resize and Rotate!

Make nice notifications with a simple, but powerful Drag & Drop Notification Builder. You can animate and fully customize the notifications and you can even use HTML code in the content.
Easy to set the font-color with the RGB HTML5 color picker, the font size with a user-friendly jQuery slider, select the font family from over 650 font styles and you make the text to bold, italic or underlined.

No coding or any technical skills neccessary

You can also roll back the modifications with one-click when you move the mouse pointer over the notification or you can delete all notifications on admin.

Slide, Shake, Fade – Fancy animations with more options

You can add animation to the notification with Advanced options, easy to set the animation delay and the animation speed.

Full feature list

  • resize, rotate, drag&drop the notifications in edit mode
  • No coding or any technical skills necessary
  • included more than 650 font styles
  • basic and advanced options
  • ability to make bold, italic or underline texts, change the font color and font sizes, add text shadow
  • put fancy notifications on your website, you can choose from 12 predefined shapes
  • fancy, animated, compact frontend editor
  • add animation to your notifications
  • one-click delete all saved notifications on admin
  • add background image to any shape, choose the background-, border-, shadow- and font colors with professional color picker
  • fixed or absolute positions
  • word spacing and letter spacing options
  • you can use even HTML in the notification content
  • ajax based save without page reloading
  • works with all major browsers
  • user friendly, fast and well-designed toolbar interface with icons and descriptive tooltips
  • full detailed documentation
  • quick access to the Visual Builder on admin
  • animated action history log
  • auto line-height calculation to keep the text on the middle (can be set manually as well)
  • 5 unique canvas shapes- star, triangle, parallelogram, octagon, pentagon
  • draggable color picker, if you need space
  • doesn’t modify the real template, you can roll back anything with few clicks
  • you can select the font size and other options with slider, no need to type, you can see the changes immediately