E-BLOG – New Definition Of Blog (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, September 29, 2013

E-Blog is a web application CMS (Content Management System) built in PHP based on MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller) written in OOP technique, with PDO (PHP Data Objects) as a method of connecting
to a DBMS (MySQL ). The design is developed using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript using frameworks Boostrap sites (vs 2.3.2) and jQuery (vs 1.10.2).

Live demo


  • CMS application, very well organized
  • programming: PHP 5.3+, MVC, OOP, MySQL 5.x, PDO, JavaScript, AJAX
  • design: HTML5, CSS3, Boostrap 2.3.2, jQuery 1.10.2 + responsive
  • Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • validation: JavaScript, HTML 5, PHP
  • very well organized and reviewed
  • library for manipulating images especially designed for boostrap thumbnails
  • application is structured into modules
  • website
    • Frendly URL
    • Optimized SEO
    • Ajax pagination with Prev/Next controls
    • After search, displays more results on the same page by pressing a button
    • Achieving goal does not require knowledge of PHP programming administration
  • administration
    • include simple theme for administration
    • fluid design
    • easy and intuitive to use
    • can set the number of posts that appear on the first page
    • can set the number of words in a post on the front page, in search by tags in order to create a more harmonious design
    • can set the number of recent posts, recent comments, popular post visible to users
    • disabling a post (will not be deleted, it will just to be offline for users)
    • settings for Social Pages, Like, Share for: Facebook, Twitter and Google+
    • creating a slide simply by loading the pictures you want; if you upload a single picture it will appear as a banner under the main menu of the application
    • possibility of activating or deactivating a module
    • ordering certain modules in page after user preference
    • Send e-mail to user for approved, unapproved comment
    • Photos: upload up to “many” images at a time (recomanded 4 at a time), displayed as gallery
    • include helpful information for managing the application
  • application can easily turn into a personal php framework
  • and so much more …