HTML5 Game: Car Mini Games (Games)

By Acty, September 9, 2013

“Car Mini Games” is a HTML5 game with two mini games. The first, travel as far as you can with out dying from exploding boxes. The second, bump as many cars as you can to rack up a highscore.
Controls: Tilt/Touch or use arrow keys.


  • HTML5 Game
  • Two Games In One
  • Easily Customize Splash Screen
  • Supports Touch/Tilt Controls And Keyboard Arrows
  • Works On All Major Browsers
  • Includes Source File (Construct 2)
  • Includes Exported HTML5 Game for Webpages and iframe

How To Change Splash Screen And Other Images

Select the game folder. Then image folder. Find the image you wish to replace. Make note of the size and name of the image. Size your image the same as the one you are replacing and save as a .png with the same name as the image you are replacing. Drag and drop into the image folder. When prompted to replace or keep both, select replace. It is always a good idea to make backups of files you may need to use again.

I am happy to help whenever possible. You can reach me here or at surreptitious.games@gmail.com