ImgZoom (Images and Media)

By Acty, September 24, 2013

What is ImgZoom?

ImgZoom is a Jquery Plugin, which helps you to allow your user to view the thumbnail image in a bigger view on mouse hover. This is very useful for websites which is related to Media and Applications. You can simply customize the Plugin as well as the image container according to your page design. It’s very easy to install and use a beginner can also use this and enrich his/her website.

What type of Websites should use this?

Websites which displays the small Thumbnail of the image or the websites which want their user to do less efforts in clicking and viewing the image. This plugin is awesome when it’s used with your Photo Blog, so if you have a Photo blog then you are choosing a right plugin to enrich your blog/website.


  • Compatible with all Major Web Browsers including Internet Explorer
  • The preview automatically fits according to your Browser’s Dimensions
  • Compatible with all Mobile Devices
  • You can trigger functions On Mouse Over and On Mouse Out
  • Easy to install and use, a beginner can also use this
  • Never lags or hangs while displaying preview
  • Displays images faster
  • Can be customize easily
  • Can be implemented in any Bootstrap Template
  • Never lags or hangs on Mobile Devices
  • Never breaks the Layout of your template
  • Can be wrapped inside any other HTML tags
  • Comes with a complete Documentation which will be your friend while using it
  • An ideal plugin for Photo Blogs/Websites
  • Also supports Blogger Blogs