iOS7 Style Font Icons – WordPress Plugin (Utilities)

By Acty, September 27, 2013

Awesome iOS7 style font icons give you fully scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized using CSS. Customize the size, color, shadow, and anything else CSS has to offer.


  • Choose from 382 iOS 7 style icons
  • Improve user navigation experience with visual cues
  • Customize each icon with CSS
  • High quality retina icons
  • Simple WordPress plugin
  • Cross Browser Compatibility ( Including IE7 )

Awesome iOS7 style icon fonts for WordPress is a new and simple way to include iOS 7 style icons on your site.

No need to worry about pixelated images or fiddly psd files, now everything is done via WordPress text editor. Visually choose your icon of choice with the simple icon picker.

Icons are retina, high definition and look crisp in any size.

Retina Ready High Resolution vector icons

All icons are retina ready. They can be stretched to infinite size to view on a webpage.

Compatible with Font Awesome CSS Classes

Making the swap from Font Awesome easy.

IE7 Compatible

Fully compatible with Internet Explorer 7.

High Resolution vector icons

Fully scaleable vector icons that look perfect in any size.

Any Size & Unlimited Colors

Make infinite combinations of size and color on the icons depending on your need using CSS.

Easy to use shortcode & HTML code

Place Awesome iOS7 style font icons almost anywhere with the <i> or <span> HTML tags. Easy to use documentation included.

Cross-browser Compatible icons

Icons work perfectly in all the modern browsers, making your icons look exactly the same on any browser.