LinkChanger – Take control of your URLs (Utilities)

By Acty, September 28, 2013

LinkChanger is a plugin which helps you get more control over the Permalinks (URLs) WordPress generates.

You may have noticed that when you first save a new post in WordPress, it generates a Permalink for you (visible just under the title). Because WordPress strips certain characters, such as “&” out for security reasons, there may be times when you aren’t happy with the link.

Although Permalinks can be edited by hand, this can be time consuming. LinkChanger was created because we wanted titles such as “This & That” to generate a link of “this-and-that” – by default, WordPress outputs “this-that”.

We made LinkChanger rule-based, so that you can set up your own custom rules, replacing anything in your titles with anything you like in your Permalinks!

Only the permalinks of new posts saved after the activation of LinkChanger will be modified, so you don’t have to worry about preserving all your old links!