Live News (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, September 13, 2013

Live News is a WordPress plugin inspired from the news ticker used by broadcast television stations to communicate the latest news, financial news, weather warnings, election results, etc.

This plugin updates the news with jQuery and AJAX in real time and your users will be able to see your latest news without updating the page, your news will be automatically updated in real time when the website administrator add new content from the Live News plugin in the backend. You can choose to display your latest news with the only purpose to inform your users or you can also link your news to posts, pages, external resource, etc.

Live News allows you to create two kinds of news, the Featured News and the Sliding News, the last Featured News is shown on the top with the related News Excerpt and the Sliding News are shown on the bottom.


You can customize Live News with the following options:

  • Main Color – In this demo i have used Red but you can set your favorite rgb color with a color picker.
  • Font Family – Here you can select your favorite typeface.
  • Google Fonts – This is useful to load a Google Web Font.
  • Featured News Title Font Size – This option set the font size of the Featured News Title.
  • Featured News Excerpt Font Size – As above but for the Featured News Excerpt.
  • Sliding News Speed – This allows you to set the sliding news speed.
  • Number of Sliding News – Self explained option useful to set the number of news that slide on the bottom.
  • Clock Offset – This option adjusts the clock displayed on the left.
  • Default Status ( Open/Closed ) – The Live News plugin on the front-end is able to start open or closed based on your selection.

Specifically built for the Desktop version of your website

This plugin has been created for the desktop version of your website and is automatically turned off if your website is visited from a mobile device, this selection is not based on simple media queries but on the user-agent string combined with specific HTTP headers.

Quick Start

This plugin is very easy to use, install it, set your preference in the Option menu and start adding your news.


Live News includes the following resources: