nBar – Premium WordPress Bar Builder (Advertising)

By Acty, September 17, 2013

nBar is a Premium WordPress Bar Builder Plugin using which we can build Unlimited(n) Bars in the Header and the Footer of the WordPress site. The Header and Footer Bars built using nBar can be used as Notification Bar, Advertisement Bar, Information Bar etc. It supports text and image to be displayed on the Bar.

nBar has tons of options to customize the Bar for the look and feel. It has around 5 Styles namely Collapse Expand Bar Style, Drop Down Floating Bar Style, Drop Down Fixed Bar Style, Floating Bar and Fixed Bar. The width of the Bar, position of the Close(Collapse/Expand) Button, Background Color, Background Image and many more can be controlled from the Settings page.

You can control where each Bar should be displayed whether in Home Page or All Pages or Custom Pages/Posts using the Settings Page options. The Bar when displayed in the Top position becomes a Header Bar and when displayed in the Bottom position becomes a Footer Bar. Referral Settings to set the Bar Message based on the referral.


  • Unlimited Bars
  • 5 Different Bar Styles supported and more to come
  • Highly Customizable
  • General Settings using which you can control which Page/Post to display the Bar, show to Members/Guests etc
  • Message Settings to control the message displayed on the bar, message hyperlink, link button text etc
  • Bar Settings to set the Bar length, position of the Close (Collapse Expand) Button, Bar Border Radius, Button Border Radius, Padding option etc
  • Animation Settings to control the animation effects of the Bar and the Bar Message
  • Font Settings to customize the fonts on the Bar Message
  • Close Button Settings to customize the Close (Collapse Expand) Button
  • Referral Settings to set multiple Bar Messages based on the referral

Feature Request

Please feel free to send all the feature requests you have through comments or Register and open a support ticket on our site. We will be more than happy to implement those feature requests which are feasible. nBar won’t get better without your suggestions for sure.


If you have any problems or need help for this Plugin, don’t worry we are there. Register and open a support ticket on our site.