Social Avatar WordPress Plugin (WordPress)

By Acty, September 13, 2013

Thank you for choosing Social Avatar plugin!

Features – version 1.0

Built in Social Icons
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AIM, Digg, eMail, Google+, iCompositions, ICQ, MSN, MySpace, Pinterest, Reverbnation, Skype, Soundcloud, Technorati, Yahoo, YouTube

Custom Social Icons
Admin can create up to 5 custom social icons

Admin can control:

  • Enable/disable use of Google+ authorship sitewide
  • Complete control over HTML that produces the Social Avatar
  • Complete control over CSS that styles the Social Avatar
  • Enable/disable built in and custom social icons site wide
  • Admin can enable/disable Social Avatar display on Pages, Posts, and/or shortcodes.
  • Which role to start using Social Avatar (defaults to Contributor)
  • What prefix to display before user’s name.
  • Location of box, top or bottom, for automatic placement of Social Avatar
  • Avatar size

Users can control:

  • Enable/disable Social Avatar for their profile
  • Choice of website icon (WordPress, Blogger, or website)
  • Enable/disable use of Google+ authorship for their profile
  • Enable/disable the built in or custom social icons on their profile
  • Configure each social icon’s user, username, id, etc.
  • Use shortcode [social-avatar] in pages/posts
  • Use shortcode [social-avatar id=xxx] where xxx is a user id to display

If enabled by Admin, Authors can use the [social-avatar] and/or the [social_avatar_icons] shortcodes in posts/pages.

The shortcode can be used even if the Author disables Social Author in their profile. This allows the Author to tag selected posts with their Social Author