TAC Paypal Escrow System (WordPress)

By Acty, September 9, 2013

Paypal Payment Escrow System is now avialable as WordPress Plugin. This plugin is great tool for WordPress B2B webistes where escrow system is needed and payment involves 3 people ie sender, reciever and admin. The sender makes payment to another member but the payment to another member can be released only by admin. Paypal Escrow Payment System. If you have any webiste where one member needs to pay another member for his service but the money shouldnt reach another member until the service or good is delivered by another member , then this script is good for you.


Works with any WordPress Website from version 3.0 and above
It Uses paypal platform (Express Checkout And PARALLEL PAYMENTS API)
Approved PayPal Business account and access to your api details is required.
You need an approved APPID on www.x.com (i can help you with that for a few $).
You can set the currency for transactions (EUR, USD,CAD).
You can decide how much to pay reciever.
Cross-Browser compatible with mobile design too (responsive).
Userfiendly validations
Error handling
Return url (if payment accepted or canceled)
The application owner must have a PayPal Business account.
Senders and receivers can have any PayPal account type.

How it works

The sender uses his paypal id and recievers paypal id to send money After successful transffer the money is deposited in ESCROW The admin logs in the admin panel and cheks all the payments made The admin releases the paments he want and the appropriate amount he wishes