Toolbar Remixed Pro (Interface Elements)

By Acty, September 21, 2013

Toolbar Remixed Pro lets you customize almost everything about the WordPress toolbar.


  • Color the WordPress toolbar (includes Black, Blue, Grey, Green and choose your own custom colors)
  • Menu Support – Insert regular WordPress navigation menus into the toolbar and re-arrange their order.
    • Icon Support for Menus added via Toolbar Remixed Pro.
      • 95 Icons – lightweight font based icons from Genericons that match the font color you choose in Toolbar Remixed
  • Twitter Bootstrap has been infused into Toolbar Remixed for Mobile and Tablet Devices for a Responsive WordPress Toolbar that carries over the colors and icons chosen in your settings as well as breaking down the menu vertically when the device is smaller.
  • Hide Any of the WordPress Default Toolbar Menus – My Sites, WordPress logo , Comments, New Content, Edit, Updates, Search, Site Name
  • Hide Plugin Menus
    • Hide Any BuddyPress menu in the toolbar – Activity, Profile, Settings, Messages, Groups, Friends, Blogs
    • Hide the W3TC (W3 Total Cache) plugin menu, Events And Bookings plugin menu, Cleverness To-Do List plugin menu, BuddyPress Testimonials plugin menu, and the BuddyPress Links plugin menu
  • Change the “Howdy, USERNAME” text that appears in the top right corner of the toolbar to whatever text you prefer (and still includes the username if you put ##username## it will be replaced by the logged in user’s username)