WASP Anti-Spam (Utilities)

By Acty, September 29, 2013

This plugin will protect your wordpress site by sending a unique url to the end user in each main action is doing across your wordpress site:
Register, Comment, Contact (Contact form 7)

To make the protection stronger the site all so integrate reCaptcha to the register, Login, Comments.

Example: you are a spammer you register to the site getting a verify url to your inbox, you say to yourself I DID IT TIME TO COMMENT AND SPAM !!! you writing your spam comment ….BOOM a message saying:
“verify email has sent to your email your comment will not shown just after you verify your self.”
OK no problem nothing bad happen…
WRONG ….WASP Anti-Spam will wait for a specific time and will search for unverify comments and users and will block ip addresses and emails :-)

This is just a small example from many scenarios WASP will protect you.

Here are all the amazing and detailed features:
• Unique!!! User comment will not shown until user click a unique url in his email! Up to date verify of valid email address!
• New user Activation By Email
• Resend activation option
• Block verify users from change their E-mail address (and then spam), even by role!
• Auto learn mode
• Auto delete spam comments
• Auto Delete unverified users
• Recaptcha protection to: register, login, comment (even by role)
• Built ban systems to protect register and comments systems.
• Ban directly from comments list.
• Protect contact form 7
• Customize plugin email messages from the admin panel !
• Import and export function to keep the plugins safe.
• International ready, with a lot of languages all ready translated (machine translation)
• Seamless integration to wordpress API and UX

And all of this just for initial release :-)

Still thinking ? no problem, test it yourself by login with this credentials:
user: test
password: test
Test Site: http://wpdevplus.com/wp-login.php

admin page class – http://en.bainternet.info
qTip – http://craigsworks.com/projects/qtip/