WooCommerce Credits System (WooCommerce)

By Acty, September 25, 2013

SimpleCredits – is the plugin for WooCommerce system for WordPress. With this plugin you will be able to sell credit bundles (for example 20$ = 40 Credits) and your users will be able to buy your products for credits. Credits payment systems are used by such websites as – www.fotolia.com, www.facebook.com, www.gottlieben.com – and others. The main idea of the credits system, is that your users are buying credits as an internal payment currency.

Credits system was formerly developed as an important sales and marketing tool. Here is one use-case:
– Credit bundles: 15, 30 and 60 Credits
– Product prices: 4, 9 and 13 Credits
In this combination it doesn’t matter how many products the customer buys, there will be some not used credits on the user account. This is a possible reason, why some users will buy the credits again and buy some new products.

Instructions for installing credits system in woocommerce

  • Upload and activate the plugin
  • Create bundles as woocommerce products by choosing Category = “Credit” and Type = “virtual”
  • Add normal products and set the price = number of credits
  • Create a page with content = [creditwoocommerce]
  • Add a buy for credits button to your product pages. You have 2 variations:
    • Use the [buy_credits_button] shortcode
    • Or add a custom link, that has
      • href=”javascript:void(0);
      • onclick=”creditdeduct(‘.$product->id.’,’.get_current_user_id().’,’.$product->price.’)”