5sec Google Authenticator 2-Step Login Protection (Utilities)

By Acty, October 7, 2013

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Add bank-grade security powered by Google to your site

Each login requires a new, unique, time restrained OTP (one time password) your phone generates. Even if someone knows your password they won’t be able to login. If someone tricks you into clicking “remember password” on an unsafe computer – it won’t matter! If someone steals an old OTP – even that won’t matter because they’re valid for only 2 minutes!

Forgot to log out? No worries!

The auto log out feature protects your account by automatically logging you out after a preset amount of time. You won’t leave the page as the log in form will be opened in a lightbox. After you enter a new OTP you’ll still be on that page and continue doing work.

Brute-force attacks got you pinned down? We have your back!

Built-in IP based brute-force protection ensures ease of mind even in the worst scenarios when you’re attacked by thousands of bots. Fine tuning of the ban rules allows you to ban them from logging in or even from accessing the whole site.


  • two step login process adds extra protection to your site
  • nobody can hack you even if they know your password
  • nobody can login to your account without your phone and a freshly generated OTP
  • protect your site from users who love to click “remember my password”
  • auto log-out feature to ensure nobody uses the admin after you do
  • complete brute-force attack protection with 4 options to fine tune ban rules
  • mobile apps available for iPhone, iPad, Android & BlackBerry
  • translation ready
  • famous 5sec concept for easy setup & usage
  • easy-to-use native WordPress GUI
  • professional & fast support
  • detailed documentation and in-line help on every step
  • more details, info & help


v1.0 - October 5th 2013
* initial release


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