7 Slider (Sliders)

By Acty, October 21, 2013

General Overview

7 Slider is one of the most complete image slider ever.
It is built in latest jQuery and mobile compatible so anyone can easily use it without any restriction.
And it is fully responsive and modern features are supported which make it more stunning.

Specially designed for anysize image adaption and speed is optimized as well.
Supports plenty of 2d/3d transitions so users will have great choice of modern & smooth animations.
It’s especially flexible for users to customize which makes the slider most complete ever.

If you like 7 Slider, don’t forget to leave us 5 stars. :) .

Key Features

  • 180+ wonderful animations(2d,3d)
  • Easy to implement and customize
  • Customizable width and height
  • Fully responsive
  • Full width functionality involved
  • Lightbox support
  • Touch device support
  • Mouse swipe navigation support
  • Video content support(Youtube,Vimeo)
  • Carousel support
  • Bullet and thumbnail preview support
  • Several customizable skin supported
  • Keyboard navigation available
  • Multiple browser configuration(IE8+,Opera,Chrome,Safari,Firefox)
  • Automation support
  • Progressbar type can be set(linear/circle)


The followers of 7 Slider are always supported by us.
For any complaint or queries, Do not hesitate even a sec to contact us who will be happily assisting you to solve the problem.


Many thanks to all of them who made this slider come into the world.

jQuery: http://jquery.com/
jQuery Easing Plugin: http://gsgd.co.uk/sandbox/jquery/easing/
jQuery Flippy Plugin: http://guilhemmarty.com/flippy
jQuery Knob Plugin: https://github.com/aterrien/jQuery-Knob/blob/master/js/jquery.knob.js
jQuery Modernizr Plugin: http://modernizr.com/download
jQuery SliceBox Plugin: http://tympanus.net/codrops/2011/09/05/slicebox-3d-image-slider/
Background Texture(textured_stripes) : http://subtlepatterns.com/