Admin Products Autocomplete with Images (OpenCart)

By Acty, October 23, 2013

Admin products autocomplete with images

This extension greatly improves the admin autocomplete function.
Works as a select drop down list, but keeps the filter autocomplete function, greatly improved.

How it works:

– display product image and model
– You can filter the results of a Product with autocomplete, typing the name or model.

Catalog -> Products list -> Model
Catalog -> Products list -> Product Name

Catalog -> Products -> Insert or Edit -> Links tab -> Select: Related Products

Catalog -> Review -> Insert or Edit -> Select: Product

Sales -> Returns -> Insert or Edit -> Products tab -> Select: Product
Sales -> Order -> Insert or Edit -> Products tab -> Select: Product
Sales -> Coupon -> Insert or Edit -> Select: Products
Sales -> Mail -> Select: Products

Extension -> Module -> Feature -> Select: Products

Admin demo | login: demo | pass: demo

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