AgileUI – Modern Admin Framework Template (Admin Templates)

By Acty, October 18, 2013

AgileUI is a modern HTML/CSS/JS framework that can be used to create clean, responsive, fast and intuitive web apps.

It has a modular architecture and it can be easily scaled for complex apps. It comes packed with over 20 jQuery plugins, 30 different elements types, 5 color schemes for the layout that can be combined with one of the 10 elements color schemes available.

The included helper classes can be used to create unique looking elements without bloating the CSS or JS files.

Because we like keeping the http requests to a minimum for fast loading pages, we added a fully configured Grunt.js file that will automatically generate production-ready CSS/JS files (minified, combined). Read more in the documentation files.

AgileUI uses Bootstrap 3, JQuery 1.10.2, JQuery UI 1.10.3 and up to date versions for any other plugin included.

The AUI assets directory (images, css, js, fonts, icons, theme files) has a very intuitive structure for easier management.

We already have a roadmap set up for AgileUI and plan to release more features in the near future.

For support requests please read our documentation to see the available support channels (forum, email, helpdesk).

This isn’t a ‘hit and run’ product, we are here to stay, support and improve our product. We have big plans for it :) Also, once you purchased AgileUI you will be able to download all future updates that we’ll release.

For any questions you may have you can use the TF commenting ot our helpdesk –

Thank you,
The AgileUI Team