Ajax Image Loader (OpenCart)

By Acty, October 20, 2013

This plugin will load your store image asynchronously via AJAX, AKA lazy loading image.

Feature Detail :
1. Speedup your site, so it will increase page rank and SEO.
2. Images that are not visible on the initial page load are not loaded or downloaded, until visitor come into the main viewing area.
4.Multi Languange and Multi Store supported.
5.Support image loaded via HTTPS
6. It also add “title” and “alt” tag to your image.
7. Work on following module :
—Featured Module
—Latest Module
—Special Module
—Best Seller Module
—Product Page
—Category Page
—Search Page
—Brand / Manucfaturer Page


1. VQMOD 2.2.2 or above
2. Jquery (Default used in most of opencart theme)