Algoritore – Code and Keygen Generator (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, October 30, 2013

Generate random and unique strings.


  • Fully customizable character pool and string length
  • Powerful String Processor System
  • Extendable!
  • Prefixing, Suffixing, Hypenation and much!


This is a really light-weight, but powerful package.

The default generated string/code/keygen isn’t that exiting. But I’ve implemented an advanced hook-system, which allows you to manipulate the code as you wish. To demonstrate this I’ve implemented all string manipulations as a String Processor (these are getting hooked into the class).

You can use the generated key by Algoritore for almost everything, whether you need API-Keys, email verifaction codes or the like. There are NO limits.

Additional Infos

This item is completely object orientated (OOP) and follows best practice and follows PSR conventions. Every method is short and well commented. Just by looking at it you will understand how it works.
However if you are a PHP newbie this class will be really easy to use for you and you do not need to understand how it works to generate random codes:

$algoritore = new DaGardnerAlgoritoreAlgoritore;
echo $algoritore->get();

and that’s it!
Easy, isn’t it!?

Please have a look on the demo page to see the full documentation for this item.

This Item was tested with PHPUnit. The test suite is attached in the package. Including composer files, documentation