Altay Text Reader (Windows)

By Acty, October 9, 2013

World’s best text to speech program. It can read any text with any language. Created “only” for education and we thinked all about that.
Our program sometimes needs to internet connection to see illegal usages. This method not using anymore, but our program still have this codes on his base. In this time your AntiVirus software may give some alerts to you. Our program is %100 safe. This problem will be fixed on next update. Sorry for this, Thanks for your understanding.


  1. Reads MsWord, MsExcel, RichEdit and Text files.
  2. Allows to categorize the text that will be read. (advanced)
  3. Allows to input the meanings of the words or centences and dont reads meanings. The text between “[“ and “]” is assumed as meaning. It will not be read by program.
  4. Can automaticall change font of meanings
  5. There is a summary editor. You can easily add any part of the document to Summary.
  6. There is a seperate UserText editor. User can enter any text to get it read.
  7. Reads double clicked word. And if selected it is added to Vocabulary.
  8. Reads from start of document to cursor position.
  9. Reads from cursor position to end of document.
  10. Reads whole document.
  11. All documents automatically saved you dont need to use save button.
  12. Repeat feature allows you to repeatedly listen the any text.
  13. User friendly user panel. Usage is very easy.
  14. Adding external language is very easy !

You can get more informations from our web site: areader.evrimaltay.net

Please ask your all questions via comment system. I’ll answer it.