Archon Flat Responsive Admin Template (Admin Templates)

By Acty, October 14, 2013

Archon is a Flat , Responsive, Admin Dashboard template. It is complete set of modern standards and top notch design. Built on twitter bootstrap 3.0 with bunch of premium extended features and set of useful jquery plugins , all packed in one design. Months of research and years of experience all strived to make a wonderful theme with each and every useful feature for all types of applications. Do not doubt it , keep reading and know more.

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  1. Built on Twitter Bootstrap 3.0
  2. Flat , Responsive Admin Template
  3. Retina Ready
  4. Fully Documented
  5. Bunch of jquery plugins
  6. Unique widgets for many purposes
  7. Profile with Timeline, two types of recent feeds
  8. Chat Box
  9. Map with svg icon markers
  10. Data Tables with sorting and filtering
  11. Login page provided with full screen background
  12. Calendar with drag, drop, click , selectable events
  13. Three different plugins for charts
  14. Live charts
  15. Form Wizard
  16. Form upload with drag & drop , upload progress using jquery knob
  17. Font Awesome Icons
  18. Gallery with filtering sorting with custom data tag
  19. Bunch of variations in bootstrap progressbars
  20. Notifications with two types of jquery plugins ( noty & gritter)
  21. Drag and drop, markable todo list widget


  1. Dashboard
  2. Buttons & Notifications
  3. Sliders & Progress Bars
  4. Widgets
  5. Calendar
  6. Gallery
  7. Login
  8. Profile Model One
  9. Profile Model Two
  10. Tables
  11. NVD charts
  12. Flot Charts
  13. Jquery Knobs
  14. Typography
  15. Form Elements
  16. Form Types
  17. File Upload(drag & drop)
  18. Form Wizard
  19. Icons
  20. Templates