EasyInvite (Social Networks)

By Acty, October 8, 2013

What is EasyInvite?

EasyInvite is a Script which will help you to invite your Facebook friends or to allow your friends to invite their friends to your Website. EasyInvite is implemented in Javascript and we are using Facebook API to invite your Facebook Profile friends.

How it works?

  1. You’ll implement this script with your website.
  2. Your visitors will see that and then they’ll click it and invite their Facebook Friends.
  3. Their Facebook friends will get the invitations in the notification box; they’ll click it and Whoa! They are on your website.
  4. You’ll get a new user also this process will go on again and again and yea! Your website is now viral and very popular.
  5. If you want you can also invite your friends to do so.


  1. Custom Invite Friends
  2. Easily Fits with any Websites/Blogs etc..
  3. Easy to install on any Websites/Blogs etc..
  4. Using the trust worthy Facebook API
  5. Cookies can be Enable and Disable
  6. Status can be Enable and Disable
  7. Xfbml can be Enable and Disable
  8. Easy to understand Documentation
  9. Very easy to install


ImgZoom – Juqery Plugin
ImgZoom is a Jquery Plugin, which helps you to allow your user to view the thumbnail image in a bigger view on mouse hover. This is very useful for websites which is related to Media and Applications. You can simply customize the Plugin as well as the image container according to your page design. It’s very easy to install and use a beginner can also use this and enrich his/her website.