Evento Classic (Social Networking)

By Acty, October 13, 2013

Evento Classic is a PHP script that allows you to build your own events social network.

With Evento Classic your users will be able to post new events, comments and upload photos of the events. They’ll also be able to list themselves as event attendees and communicate with each other through the private messaging system.

Evento Classic can be configured to accept events world wide or limited to just one country or city. Each event page will display a Google Map with the event location, the events comments, attendees and photo gallery.

You can manage the site through the admin panel and organize the events using tags and categories.

It’s easy to translate into new languages and English, Spanish and Italian are already included.

Bit.ly and Recaptcha integration, responsive design, automatic sitemap.xml and rss feeds generation. See the online demo to check all the features out.


  • Apache server on Linux with mod_rewrite support (htaccess).
  • GD library and PDO with the MySQL driver.
  • PCRE with Unicode support.
  • PHP 5.2.8 or greater with LibGD.
  • MySQL 5.1 or greater.
  • Google Maps API Key.

The script will also send email notifications, so your server should allow you to do that.