Facemash (Social Networking)

By Acty, October 23, 2013


FACEMASH is a script which helps you to compare two pictures which is saved in your images directory. The core idea of FACEMASH is taken from the FACEMASH which was created by Mark Zuckerberg in his college years. Basically this script is a photo comparing website, just like hot-or-not game. You can use this script by dividing it and implementing it in your website or you can just upload the whole website on your server. Another best part is if you too have some pics of your friends you can use that pictures with this script and share it with your friends.

How it works?

It’s all start from homepage when the user will see two random pictures then the user will click anyone which he finds better than another one, when he’ll click the picture then the image which he clicked has won the battle between the image on the side and the image which has won will increase his winning score and the losing image will increase his losing score.


  • Easy to use and install, beginner can also use it.
  • Unlimited images can be added for comparing.
  • Counts winners and losers scores.
  • Loads images faster.
  • Non-vulnerable script.
  • Works on the core idea of Mark Zuckerberg
  • Life time free updates
  • Life time free support
  • Comes with an One click installer
  • Comes with an Easy to understand Documentation
  • Images can be added/deleted whenever you want.

Know more about Mark Zuckerberg’s Facemash

Well, this is a copy of Mark Zuckerberg’s facemash script we have tried to make it a similar copy of it. If you want you can too use this for comparing the pics of your university students. Want to know more about Facemash: CLICK HERE


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