Feedback screenshot form + (Forms)

By Acty, October 11, 2013

Creates a screenshot of screen display, enables to create annotations to page elements, categories of messages, does not slow down loading of a site, logs and saves javascript errors on a page, saves HTML document, stores information about browser, stores information about screen resolution and color reproduction, information about IP, URL of a source page, etc.


  • Creates a screenshot of site page
  • Enables the user to mark the page elements on the screenshot and create annotations to them
  • Provides you with complete debugging information:

    • screenshot and annotations to screenshot
    • information about IP ( IP ¬†address, country and city if available in the base¬† MaxMind )
    • information about the client’s browser
    • information about the screen resolution and colour reproduction
    • reference to the page with error or offer
    • javascript errors, which occurred on the page
    • HTML pages
  • Feedback screenshot will not impact your website’s initial-load performance thanks to Asynchronous Loading
  • Support of various categories of messages “Idea”,”Error”,”Question”
  • For various categories there can be specified the various e-mail notifications. For example, error messages can be received by programmers, and idea messages can be received by a top manager
  • Operates on the tablets iPad, Android, but meanwhile without the possibility to create annotations to screenshots
  • Messages of notifications can be sent using the command Mail, Sendmail or Smtp (gmail, hotmail, etc.)
  • It is not needed to include the additional javascript frameworks (jQuery, Dojo, MooTools , etc.) to the code of your site
  • Protected from attacks and exploits SQL injection, XSS, CSRF etc

it’s important

Prior to purchasing the component I recommend to test rendering of your site on this page.