Feedy – RSS News Ticker (News Tickers)

By Acty, October 11, 2013

Feedy is a responsive News Ticker for your website. To easily access all your feeds and even categories Feedy has a built in ACP. Here are all the great features you can do with Feedy:

  • Built in ACP with password protection
  • Categories with many options (descriptions, number of feeds to display
  • Possibility to enable or disable feeds and categories
  • Easyily add, edit or remove feeds or whole categories
  • Function to move all feeds from one category to another
  • Built in ACP with password protection
  • SQL Injection protections
  • Responsive design, that works on mobiles and tablets
  • Possibility to integrate Feedy into your existing web page


  • PHP 5.x
  • A working MYSQL database
  • phpmyadmin or any other mysql webinterface