Imagine UX:UI (OpenCart)

By Acty, October 20, 2013

Imagine UX:UI is part of Imagine UX framework suite providing user a refreshing look and feel for Opencart dashboard & login page. Dashboard provide an intuitive information such as list of latest 5 order with a colored label to differentiate between order progress. Approval or disabling a customer review can be done with a single click on the dashboard.

IUX-UI have been tested compatible on latest major browser.

– No core hacking or messy file installation.
– Fresh admin login page.
– Intuitive and stylish dashboard with single click access function.
– Mini chart for simple product & page view analytic.
– Total sales overview through dashboard info-box.
– Order & review approval info-box.
– Latest 5 review with single click function to approve or disable.
– Latest 5 order with progress label.
– Interface developed using Bootstrap.
– Using Imagine UX framework for minimal code hacking.
– Future upgrade will include total admin side theme.

– OpenCart 1.5.x.x
– VQMOD 2.x (https://code.google.com/p/vqmod/)

Version 1.0 Release Date 17 October 2013
– Initial release.