Job Shark (PHP Scripts)

By Acty, October 4, 2013

One of the most feature rich job listing scripts on CodeCanyon, most definitely among the
strongest aspects of the script is the Admin Panel. It gives you full control over the script.

Beautiful and easy to use thanks to the flat user interface.
The script has built-in Ad Slots as well as an API , allowing you to make money easier than ever
before as well as other developers to create applications that integrate with the script.

We have also paid big attention to security , Job Shark features an Event Logger that logs all
events such as logging into the admin panel, deleting / editing an user, and more… Details are
available such as if the user failed / succeed with the operation.

To keep the the buyer up to date with the latest updates, our Notification system will alert you if a
new update is available for download. Optionally, you may decide to disable the notification. This
can easily be done from the Settings menu in the Admin Panel.

Please consider viewing the live demo for a full list of features:

User Demo: http://infigaming.com/JobShark/

Admin Demo: http://infigaming.com/JobShark/Admin/