jQuery Image Gallery with 3D Effects (Images and Media)

By Acty, October 15, 2013

Gallery3D is an easy-to-use jQuery image gallery plugin with cool 3D Effects.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using Gallery3D in your projects:

  • Only a single JavaScript file
  • Only 2 dependencies on third-party APIs: jQuery & Three.js (with CSS3D Renderer)
  • No extra CSS files
  • No extra image files
  • Incredibly simple HTML markup
  • Handles lots of images with ease
  • No need to generate thumbnails separately
  • Cool 3D Animation Effects when navigating around
  • Takes only 1 line of JavaScript code to load the Gallery

In addition to that you receive:

  • Free support from the Author (to reasonable support requests)
  • The right to suggest new features that the Author agrees to implement within a reasonable timeframe

The ZIP Archive that you purchase contains:

  • A minified and non-minifed versions of the plugin
  • All required dependencies: jQuery, Three.js, CSS3D Renderer
  • Documentation with installation instructions