mgCustomizer – Theme Customizer jQuery Plugin (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, October 19, 2013

do it your own style

Magnoliyan Theme Customizer or mgCustomizer is is jQuery ThemeRoller-like jQuery plugin. On the other hand, mgCustomizer is generic tool, you can use it to customize any html/css, either jQuery UI, Bootstrap or any code.

Magnoliyan Theme Customizer Screenshot

Say you want to allow your users to customize your website look and feel. mgCustomizer is the right tool for it. It will let you manipulate live page with real time preview option.
mgCustomizer is applied as regular jQuery plugin, you define an element where it renders content and define options: a page or pages to be custimized and css selectors and properties to be editable. You are in full control, you precisely define what and how can be customized.
mgCustomizer is equiped with proper editors for each particular css property, and more, it’s very easy to create and plug in you custom editors.

Theme Customizer Features

  • Applicable for any html/css
  • Custom visual controls for css properties
  • Live Preview functionality
  • Color, Font, Positon, Size built-in editors
  • Drag and resize live elements
  • Plugin system for custom editors
  • Created with Bootstrap 3