Moving Blurry Background for JavaScript and jQuery (Images and Media)

By Acty, October 8, 2013

BlurryBackground() is a JavaScript application which can be easily included in any website. It allows programmer to create modern-looking blurry backgrounds without need to load large background images. This means you can save even 90% of bandwith intended for blurry background image. It caches blurred images so that the CPU consumption is reduced.
Also, it provides a really easy mechanism of background animations so you can create modern, distinctive website’s elements in seconds. You can choose from a collection of 8 animating functions like “gust”, “swing”, “raindrop” and more, or you may just use your own function. You can also create a playlist of blurred backgrounds and make them change every few seconds.
BlurryBackground() may be used as a plain JavaScript function or as a jQuery plugin to make it even easier to use it.