My Message (JavaScript)

By Acty, October 28, 2013

Item Description

My Message is a jQuery plugin that creates multiple beautiful message on the user point of view.

Main Features

– Infinite label text array.
– Background color animation with a simple HTML color palet.
– Infinite color array.
– Infinite falling images array.
– Responsive desing.
– Everytime a random position
– Cross browser support. (IE8 is not supported since release jQuery 1.10, but you can use any jQuery version from 1.7)


– This is a multipurpose plugin. You can use it to show a release date for your website.
– You can use it as loading screens.
– Contains a callback function on close. With this you can perform custom actions like redirections, alerts, anything.
– Can be use as simple alert.
– It can be screen saver for your app or your webapplication.