Option Filter for OpenCart (OpenCart)

By Acty, October 10, 2013

Option Filter

This module provides the easiest way to filter results by the included options in OpenCart.
Adds layered navigation by category and options.

The module automatically create a filter by product in that category.


  • set use checkbox or no use checkbox
  • show/hide search button
  • set catedories when filter will be display
  • select option will be display
  • extremely simple to use product filter
  • plugin is ready to translate
  • filter products in a certain category by products options
  • any type of option can be used (Text area, Select, Check box)
  • recommended use in fashion websites (clothes, shoes) with options like: size, color, shape
  • best use with products that have different stock and prices for individual options
  • easily customizable styling

– don’t forget to add Option Values after you added the options itself
– for every option you have to specify stock. If stock is zero the option is not shown in the product page.

Admin demo | login: demo | pass: demo
Admin: http://demo.btechunit.eu/admin/index.php?route=module/option_filter
Store: http://demo.btechunit.eu/index.php?route=product/category&path=59_61

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