Otto System – HTML5 Space Shooter (Games)

By Acty, October 26, 2013


In this game you play as an alien robot who has invaded the solar system and wants to conquer all of its planets!

About the Game:

This Game includes 3 different levels with different enemies and each level has its own unique power ups.
These enemies includes flying saucers, spaceships and satellites of humans and aliens of solar system (they have united with each other to stand against you!!!).
This game has leader-board system that keeps the scores. Scores are recorded separately for each planet.
Because of the difference in enemies and power ups in different levels,
a player can have the highest record in one planet but in another planet, maybe he isn’t even among the top players.

Modifying the Game:

You can change the game’s appearance by editing it and replace the default robot, flying saucers, spaceships and etc.
with your desired ones and make your own game!
Also you can advertise your logo or products in it.


» HTML5 Game
» Resolution (800*600)
» Works On all HTML5 Browsers
» Edit Image Files With an Image Editor like Photoshop to Change the Game’s Appearance
» Leader-board system that stores the scores separately for each planet
» 3 different levels with a variety of enemies and power-ups

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