PHP Licensing System & Encryptor (Project Management Tools)

By Acty, October 28, 2013

PHP Licensing System and Encryptor

Deploy this in your own products to ensure they are only used by whom has the right. Ensure your product is not stolen with this easy to use system.

Integrate the generation system in with your billing software and supply your customers with an right key. With this software they can protect and trace there script or software via the net.

PHP Licensing System does not require the Auth PHP Class, So you can deploy the keys on any platform or scripting language.

With the addition of a match string as a second level of security, The end-user would be required to supply a valid key along with the corresponding match key. This match key could be the domain or IP address of the server where the script lives.

With PHP Licensing System, you can ensure its used only on a single server, by a single user who authrize to use your product. WP Licensing System is great and easyly protect your script and software from stolen and unauthorized right use.

PHP Licensing System also built-in with Script Encryptor so you can simply encrypt and encode your project bith PHP or HTML

You can found WordPress version at http://codecanyon.net/item/wls-wordpress-licensing-system/3720528


Admin Dashboard:
Username: demoadmin
Password: demoadmin

Client Dashboard:
Password: demouser

Again good luck with your project friend :)