PHP Live Streaming Social Network (Social Networking)

By Acty, October 11, 2013

Create your own broadcasting network without any media server or plugin

Admin Username – Password: admin – adminadmin
Mod Username – Password: mod – modmod
You need to create an account to test user features like chat, broadcast


  • No media server or plugin needed
  • Multiple user levels: Admin – Moderator – User
  • Broadcaster can ban/unban a user from chat
  • Avatar, age, gender, location and about me section for user profiles
  • User search with auto completion
  • Realtime live broadcasting and chat
  • Users can’t open new broadcast if they’re already broadcasting
  • Stream audio volume, mute and fullscreen mode controls
  • Automatic stream snapshots for use in categories and home with intervals
  • Static pages
  • Broadcast categories
  • Password recovery
  • Advertising slots in the header and profiles

Admin Features

  • Manage Users View, Edit, Ban, Change User Type
  • Manage Static Pages Add, Edit, Delete
  • Manage Categories Add, Edit (with inline edit feature), Delete
  • Change site name, title, description, url
  • Set the maximum allowed size for avatars
  • Set the SMTP mail settings for password recovery
  • Change header and profile advertising code
  • Clear stream cache
  • Ban users in any user’s chat

Moderator Features

  • Manage Users View, Edit, Ban
  • Ban users in any user’s chat

Requirements: PHP 5.3+, PHP GD Extension