phpBlog – Powerful Blog CMS (Project Management Tools)

By Acty, October 30, 2013

phpBlog – Powerful Blog CMS

phpBlog is a multi-purpose CMS (Content Management System). It can be used not only for blog sites, it can be used for portals, company sites and many other. It is clean, simple, fast, seo optimized, user-friendly and have very good security.


  • Responsive Layout
  • Dynamic Menu Creator – You can add, edit, delete menus
  • SEO Optimized
  • Clean and Simple
  • User-Friendly
  • Easy Installation
  • Pages System – You can create, edit, delete pages
  • Widgets System – You can add, edit, delete widgets
  • Comments System – Users can write comments to the articles and portfolio projects
  • Admin Panel – The place from which you can manage your entire site
  • Articles Management – You can add, edit, delete articles
  • Comments Management – You can add, edit, delete comments
  • Projects Management – You can add, edit, delete projects
  • Contact Form – Users can send messages to the site owner / team
  • Good Security – The site will be protected from hackers or unwanted visitors
  • Shell Scanner – It scans for files with malicious content or shells
  • Guard System (Security System) – System that will protect your site
  • Ban System – You can block certain users to visit your site
  • Articles Categories – You can manage the articles categories
  • Project Categories – You can manage the portfolio categories
  • Advertisment System – You can place ads on your site
  • Languages System – You can make your site with multiple languages and translations
  • Search System – Users can search in the site
  • Services / Features Management – You can manage the services / features of your product
  • Well Documented
  • Nice UI
  • Works with Database
  • Sliders
  • Files Management – You can upload, view, delete files
  • Administrators Management – You can add, edit, delete site administrators
  • and many more…

Check the demo

Please note that some features are disabled in demo mode!
Site: http://phpblog.zymichost.com/
Admin Panel: http://phpblog.zymichost.com/admin
Username: admin
Password: admin