phpGuard – Security for your site (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, October 2, 2013


phpGuard is a script that will protect your site from hackers / hacking attacks. The script has the features to protect your site from SQLi (SQL injection), DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), XSS (Cross-Site Scripting), Proxy and other types hacking attacks.
A further feature is that it is integrated with one of the most famous DNSBL sites (Spam Databases), and if the spammer visited your website it will be blocked and forwarded to another page.
Each hacking attack is stored in the database (no duplicates). The script contains admin panel from which you can browse hacking attacks and it is also integrated with Ban system through which you can view and ban users.


  • SQLi Protection (SQL Injection)
  • Cross-Site Scription Protection (XSS)
  • Proxy Detector and Blocker
  • Input Sanitization
  • DDoS Protection¬†(Distributed Denial of Service Attacks)
  • Integration with DNSBL
  • Spam Security
  • Ban System + Redirect Option
  • Works with Database
  • Log hacking attemps in Database
  • Admin Panel
  • Well Documented
  • Easy to setup
  • Nice UI

Check the demo

Site: http://phpguard.site40.net
Admin Panel: http://phpguard.site40.net/admin
Username: admin
Password: admin