phpSocial – Open Source Social Network Platform (Social Networking)

By Acty, October 2, 2013

This is a social networking platform with open source free modification containing multiple functions. We created this platform chudensen design with help from Bootstrap v3. Easier for you by creating a mobile version suitable for smartphones and tablets. Everyone knows a little php and MySQL can make this platform to their taste.

Main features

  • User Profiles
  • User Albums (gallery)
  • Ajax Uploader
  • Bootstrap v3
  • jQuery Powared
  • User notifications
  • User friend requests (need accept for friendship)
  • Mobile detect and redirect to mobile version (if iOS, Android and etc…)
  • Mobile version
  • Profile photo and cover
  • Profile custom fields
  • LikeUnlike posts and photos
  • Comment posts and photos
  • Multilanguage interface (1 file for translation)
  • Included Welcome psd
  • Photo preview (no refresh browser)
  • Photo and Cover crop (scroll to zoom, drag to move and save)
  • Post link detection
  • and more… test it on here

Mobile features

  • User login and register
  • User news feed
  • New photos slider (Touch left/right for Smartphones and Tablets)
  • Notifications and Friend Requests preview
  • Ajax searching users
  • Profile,albums,photos previews
  • Post and photos like and comment
  • and more…

Admin features

  • Edit/Delete/Browse albums Users
  • Edit/Delete Albums
  • Delete Photos
  • Edit Pages
  • Add/Edit/Delete Admins (Only System administrator)
  • Edit web settings (Only System Administrator)

phpSocial Demo: Click here
phpSocial Mobile Demo: Click here
phpSocial Admin area: Click here
Admin details: admin / admin