Pretty Routes: Add Routes to Google Maps (WordPress)

By Acty, October 7, 2013

Pretty Routes is a robust WordPress plugin that lets you add unlimited customized routes to Google Maps. Not only can you add unlimited routes that chart ‘to’ and ‘from’ locations as needed, but Pretty Routes also let’s you add customized pinpoint graphics to each location (using any graphic you choose), customized tooltip content, and even specific colors for each route on display. Check out the full list of features:

• Customized Routes for Google Maps! You control the color of each route, and add as many as needed to each of your maps.
• Drag and drop locations, or enter specific addresses to generate your beginning and end points.
• Unlimited unique maps throughout your site. You can add as many maps as needed to your website, each containing their own unique routes.
• Custom pinpoints for each location. Use any graphic you wish for every location, for both “from” and “to” locations.
• Unique tooltip content. You enter whatever you want for each location’s tooltip, or toggle tooltips off altogether.
• Post unique maps of any size anywhere on your site using a simple shortcode. Each map is assigned an ID, which let’s you display them as needed.
• Seamless WordPress integration with an intuitive backend that makes adding maps and routes as simple as possible.
• The Pretty Routes admin generates distance and travel duration automatically for every route.
• You control the zoom level for each map. Default settings automatically zoom into Google Maps to best present every route on the map, but custom zoom level allows you to zoom-in on a specific area of your choosing, at any distance.

Customized Route Colors and Unlimited Routes Per Map

The Pretty Routes plugin allows you to add as many routes as needed to multiple maps throughout your site. Distinguish each route by color, allowing your viewers to choose the best directions to their destination, ponder the best tourism locations, and more. You simply enter the starting point, and the destination by entering each address, or double clicking directly on the map (perfect for locations without a physical address) and Pretty Routes handles the rest.

Unique Pinpoints for Each Location

Distinguish start and end points by placing unique pinpoint graphics on each location. The possibilities are endless, and go a long way in adding that custom touch to your maps.

Control Default Zoom Levels

For each map, you can specify the zoom level. Default settings automatically zoom into the map to properly display all routes that you’ve included in your map (as shown in the examples above). However, you can also specify the zoom distance and location in order to focus the map on any location, and from any distance. This is perfect if you want to focus on a specific starting point, such as the famous coastal road trip on California’s Interstate 101.

Seamless WordPress Integration

Adding new maps and routes is simple and immediately familiar to WordPress beginners and experts alike. Adding a map with the custom routes in place is as easy as pasting the following shortcode: [route-map map_id=”466” height=”500” width=”700”]

Video Tutorial

Everything you need to setup 100% customized routes with Pretty Routes can be seen in the following video, and also serves as a great overview of what you’ll find in the backend: http://www.scissorbox.com/pretty-routes-tutorial/