Progress Map WordPress Plugin (Interface Elements)

By Acty, October 6, 2013

“Progress Map” is a versatile WordPress Plugin for location based listing. It provides the solution to add your items to Google Map and moving through the map using a carousel.

“Progress map” is the best plugin for websites like “Restaurants”, “Job listings”, “Real estate”, “Hotels”, “City guide” and more…

Plugin features:

  • Backend 100% customized
  • Customizable 100% via Plugin Backend
  • Easy installation in your Website
  • Ability to add item Latitude and Longitude from add custom post type area
  • Ability to associate with custom post type
  • Ability to add query limit
  • Put the map above, beneath, to the right, or the left of the carousel with one easy to set option
  • Fullwidth and fixed width
  • Ability to add map center point
  • Clustered markers for maps with a large numbers of locations
  • Ability to change map zoom
  • Customized +/- zoom control
  • Ability to upload custom marker icon
  • Ability to upload custom cluster icon
  • Customized marker infowindow
  • Ability to show/hide infowindow
  • Markers bubble overlay
  • Ability to control google map elements from backend
  • Ability to show/hide whole carousel
  • Horizontal and vertical carousel style
  • Special Easing
  • Horizontal view and vertical view for carousel items
  • Carousel items fully resizable and fully customizable
  • Image and Thumbs fully resizable
  • Ability to create custom title with custom css
  • Ability to create custom details area with custom css
  • Ability to show/hide “More” button
  • Ability to add your own search form on top of the map
  • Search form area fully customizable

Where to use it?

This plugin is perfect for:

  • Location based listing
  • Restaurant listings
  • Hotel listings
  • Real estate listings
  • Job listings
  • City guide listings
  • And much more other applications! Be creative!