Responsive FlipBook v5 – jQuery (plugin WP) (Galleries)

By Acty, October 13, 2013


  • FlipBook is based on the library turn.js 3rd release. Library “turn.js 3rd release” is not included. You need to download it separately here.This library is free to personal use. If you need for commercial use – here you can buy license “3rd release”.Cost of License “turn.js 3rd release” is 45$ for five domains ( 9$ per domain). Here is a video tutorial (how to install the library turnjs)
  • responsive design
  • the flipbook does not show all the page – only 7 pages is displayed / loaded
  • double pages
  • no Flash Player needed (works on the Ipad etc.)
  • show all pages
  • excellent tools to zoom
  • ajax form
  • and other…