sassy buttons (Buttons)

By Acty, October 16, 2013

Sassy Buttons Pack contains all the buttons which you need in one pack.

Features :

  • Simple HTML Markup
  • Built with SASS (So, Easy to customize )
  • 3 different sizes ( You may change the size of your own )
  • 15 variants included
  • No images used
  • Easy to change color-set ( simple change the class name )
  • Normal , Hover and Active state effects
  • No javascript used ( except IE7 fallback for icon fonts )
  • Retina Ready
  • Google web fonts
  • Detailed Documentation

Icon fonts support :

We have not included all fonts with this pack. But you can use any fonts http://icomoon.io . You can easily use 3800+ icomoon free font icons just by replacing existing icomoon files.

  • IE7 doesn’t support Icon fonts. But, We have included js files to make it work.

Browser Support :

  • IE7 and IE8 doesn’t support rounded corners
  • IE9 doesn’t support CSS3 Animations

Credits :

Support :

If you have any questions relating to this item. you can get in touch with me via my user page contact form. and please take your time to rate this item. If you don’t like this item, Please Let me know first before rating. So, I can rectify the problem.