Simple and Secure Documents Management System (Project Management Tools)

By Acty, October 2, 2013


Xoo Cloud is a Simple and Secure Documents Management System in PHP/MYSQL. Xoo Cloud makes sharing documents & files between colleagues, clients and other individuals a breeze.

This is an excellent utility for websites/businesses that have clients who must routinely deliver them files. Web disigners, eBooks writers, logo designers, song writers can send to the clients the mockups and the client has the capability to leave “notes” about the mockup or primary design. You will keep track of each file easly.

The people you are sharing with will receive an automatic email alert when you upload a new file or when you add notes to an existent file so you can spend less time sending email, and more time being productive.

Key Features:

  • Multilanguage ( easily adding more languages )
  • Easy to install. One-Step Installer
  • Client’s Dashboard. Password Protected Panel
  • Full Source Code. MVC coding.
  • SMTP & PMP MAIL Support.
  • Clients & Admin can leave Messages/Notes to each File.

Admin Panel:

  • Search Clients.
  • Filter Clients.
  • Create Clients Manually.
  • Delete/Ban Clients.
  • Change Client’s email, password and personal data
  • Manage Client Types
  • Block IP numbers
  • Customize Welcome Email.
  • Customize Password Reset Email.
  • Reliable and secure MySQL database backend
  • Upload Muliple Files
  • Leave Messages/notes.

Client’s Dashboard:

  • Update personal data.
  • Update password.
  • Update email.
  • Upload files.
  • Leave Messages/Notes.
  • Download Files.
  • Search Files.


Admin Live Demo:

Admin: http://xooscripts.com/demos/xoocloud/admin/login.php

User: admin

Password: 123456

Client’s Dashboard Live Demo:


User: johndoe

Password: 123456