Simplified Google Maps (WordPress)

By Acty, October 9, 2013

Simplified Google Maps is a very unique plugin, it will allow you to easily create, administrate and customize maps at the WordPress site. Most Google Maps WordPress plugins require that you should master some advanced web development skills. But not anymore! I have created a plugin that handles all the hard work for you, so that you can focus on the end result.

The main focus is to provide those feature that brings real value to the customer and that are the most likely to be used. We took special attention on the product usability and how to make it really easy to use. The Simplified Google Maps plugin allow user easily to:

-Live administrate all your maps – this means that all actions user takes are instantly visible, no more “click to preview”.
-Globally administrate maps – all maps can be defined and maintained in one place, but used everywhere.
-Add as many places as you want – each can have individual customization.
-Move places on map by drag and drop or by directly specifying the coordinates.
-Customize the place icon – we provide 90 custom made icons, but if this is not enough user can upload his icon.
-Add place detail rich content, it can be used simple text, images links, videos etc.
-Focus map on any location by simply searching the desired address.
-Full customization of map look and feel.
-Configure the map basic settings – map size, zoom, type, custom overlay(info box) etc.
-Street view mode – this feature combines traditional map with street view.
-Direction – this feature indicates step by step how to reach any specified location.
-Full-screen – for more usability and engagement switch map to full-screen and back at any time.
-And yes… No coding skills required! It’s just works!