TakeThat! file sharing system (Loaders and Uploaders)

By Acty, October 4, 2013

What is that?

TakeThat file sharing is a complete website that allow users to send & share files in the easiest way there is. No login is required and files are stored on the web-server who send an email with a download link to the recipients that the user typed. TakeThat also provide some more options such as delivered notifications, multi files send and multi recipients sharing.

This amazing website comes with a built in administration panel that can: explore the log files, search, change settings and even exclude users. We have made our best to make it responsive and mobile friendly, and even created an installation script that will do everything for you: check server compatibility, create mysql tables, create necessary core files and set an admin for your file sharing website.

TakeThat is great for agencies, students, companies and anyone who need to easily send files and get notified when delivered. This website can be re-branded with your own company logo and server mail address. the CSS sheet is simple and smart, and can be easily manipulated for your own design and colors.

Have Fun!


  • Send files in one click.
  • Security – No captcha needed, Bot protection.
  • Administration panel.
  • File delivered approval system.
  • Mobile friendly – responsive design.
  • Multi files send, Multi recipients.
  • Installation script.
  • Great documentation.
  • Brandable.
  • Easy, Fast, Friendly, Smart.

Technical information:

  • This website is designed for MySQL 4+ & PHP 5.3+ .
  • Requires jQuery 1.9+.
  • Unix & windows servers compatibility.
  • Tested on: Chrome, Safari, Ios, Android, FireFox, Opera, IE10.

What about security?

Takethat file sharing system is not using any captcha system or username & password verification to preserve simplicity and convenience of using this system.
But still there is need of protection against server flooding by bots and malicious Scripts. We took care of that by adding 3 layers of protection against Bots.
Each layer will trigger blacklisted query that will register the user IP, user-agent and will block him until administrator will release him.


  • Sending rate:—> System will monitor user sending interval and will block a non-human behavior.
  • Mouse tracker:—> System will track mouse behavior and will pass the recorded movement threw a human behavior detection.
  • Tokenized pages & cookies:—> Each session uses an encrypted token that is validated by the server and user must accept cookies.


  • There is no 100% protection – We made our best to make it protected without using captcha and login system.
  • System won’t read, write, execute any file sent by the user!